All those years spent on the water gave Steven Hirsh an appreciation for a boat hull with substantial weight capacity, a long range and true seaworthiness. So when he designed the hull for this boat, the Prema, he knew exactly what was needed. And the result is a boat that requires very little energy – muscle or motor – to propel it through the water.

Every aspect carefully thought through.

Throughout, every detail reflects Steven’s dedication to creating a wooden boat in which function, aesthetics and durability are on equal terms. It gives the boat both a structural integrity and a visual beauty that distinguishes it from all others.

There is no other boat like this. Period.

Get up close, and you’ll have a hard time believing this is a boat with epoxy. Just like the finest furniture, it’s blind fastened -- so you won’t find the thousands of little black dots you see on traditional wooden epoxy boats. It takes a rare talent to blind fasten a boat and work so expertly with epoxy. Check out the Longevity section for more details. What makes this tender even more amazing is that it converts beautifully into a sailboat, a rowboat and a powerboat. Yet even the largest of the boats – the 16-footer – weighs as little as 200 pounds.

With all the creative thinking and expert craftsmanship that went into the design, it’s no wonder the result has been called the most innovative boat to come along in decades. It’s a total original.

The long and slender hollow in the bow enables the boat to part large waves and then gradually rise, reducing friction and pounding.
Every inch of the boat reflects Steven Hirsh’s commitment to optimal function and exceptional aesthetics. read more>>>
Steven’s first thought was to design a skiff. But he decided it would be much more dynamic to design a boat that seamlessly converts from a skiff to a sailing rig. read more>>>
To say this boat is built to last is an understatement. To start, rot resistant woods were used throughout.