To say this boat is built to last is an understatement. To start, rot resistant woods were used throughout: old growth Western Red Cedar for the hull, New England white ash for the topsides, cypress for the mast and boom.

100 years from now, this wooden boat will still be on the water.

Extraordinary lengths were taken to make the boat completely airtight and impact-resistant.

The hull is composed of 3/8” wood which is coated in WEST SYSTEM® Brand Epoxy, the best marine epoxy available. Then, the boat is covered inside and out with 3 layers of 4 oz. fiberglass cloth and more epoxy.

Using multiple layers of lightweight cloth has the same protective effect as using a heavier cloth, without obscuring the beauty and clarity of the finish. It’s virtually transparent – you have to look really hard to find it. Yet these three layers make for a nearly impenetrable seal, able to withstand millions of cycles of stress.

The WEST SYSTEM epoxy prevents tangential movement in the wood by creating a 100% airtight and waterproof seal. Steven has been working with this epoxy for nearly 30 years. His mastery is evident not only in the exceptional quality of the work, but by the fact that West has asked him to test new products for them.

Finally, ten layers of spar varnish protect the epoxy from damaging UV light and provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish that’s easy to maintain – unlike most wooden boats.  When the gloss fades, just give it a light sanding and apply a fresh topcoat of spar varnish.

Of course, builder Steven Hirsh will always be ready to provide any necessary assistance for as long as you own the boat. All of which makes this an investment that will last for generations.

The long and slender hollow in the bow enables the boat to part large waves and then gradually rise, reducing friction and pounding.
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