Every inch of the boat reflects Steven Hirsh’s commitment to optimal function and exceptional aesthetics. Just as with the Arts & Crafts philosophy he follows, Steven made no compromises for expediency’s sake.

Passion is in the details.
  • The entire boat is blind fastened, just like the finest furniture. There are 2,500 blind fastenings in the hull alone.
  • WEST SYSTEM® Brand Epoxy is used throughout – there’s no white glue anywhere.
  • The hardware is silicone bronze designed by N.G. Herreshoff – much of it cast from Herreshoff’s original molds.
  • The distinctive herringbone stripe is interwoven of ash, cypress and sable. Skew scarf joined, it is built right into the hull – breathtaking as well as extremely sturdy.
  • The rub rails and keel are capped with “half round” bronze for durability.
  • The topsides are book matched New England White Ash, known for its hardiness and tenacious strength.
  • Every strip of wood is coated with epoxy on both edges, clamped into position and then nailed – resulting in an airtight waterproof seal between every strip.
10 layers of spar varnish protect the epoxy from damaging UV light and provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish that’s easy to maintain.

The long and slender hollow in the bow enables the boat to part large waves and then gradually rise, reducing friction and pounding.
Steven’s first thought was to design a skiff. But he decided it would be much more dynamic to design a boat that seamlessly converts from a skiff to a sailing rig. read more>>>
To say this boat is built to last is an understatement. To start, rot resistant woods were used throughout.